Landscape and Amenity Value for the 2 Lime Trees of Stoke Gabriel, Devon

Landscape or Amenity Value:

For this valuation I am reverting to the Helliwell system. However it is absolutely imperative that the CAVAT system by Chris Neilans’ is mentioned.

CAVAT should be become the normal valuation for any urban tree. It is of course relevant to trees in a rural setting and may well become universal. For my two rural tree values though I am choosing to use the Helliwell system for the rural valuation and CAVAT for the urban valuation for absolutely no specific reason at all.

The launch of CAVAT was a pivotal point in modern perception of trees and was responsible for an awakening by many to the actual value of a tree – the media, due to the valuations being in an urban setting, linked the valuation method to urban trees in particular. I will write further on the CAVAT system as and when I carry out the valuation on the Paris Plane Tree.

The Helliwell System.

It was in 1967 that the Helliwell system was first developed by Rodney Helliwell.  The same year as the Forestry Act, which remains in most of its entirety. This year 2011 is perhaps a highly significant year for praising the significance of 1967 as we face uncertainty within the Forestry and Arboricultural world as to the future doctrines that may be introduced due to the Governments’ need to cut budgets and thus targeting the FC and the sale of Forestry land also.

1967 can be confirmed by academics and practitioners in land based industry as the year that allowed for ecology, landscape, environmental and cultural aspects to seep into land management and take precedence in modern arboriculture, landscaping and silviculture.  Helliwells’ system was a vital component of this movement, as the progressive thought contained within it was on a par with the publication of WG Hoskins’ DevonRackhams’ History of the Countryside and Richard Maybes’ Food for Free et al.,

It remains an Arboricultural Association publication and as such I cannot actually reproduce the system in any form due to copyright. I would however recommend purchasing the publication which further aids the invaluable work of the Arboricultural Association. I will mention that the system is extremely user friendly.

Thus based on the latest values as per the 1st January 2010:

  • Individual Trees: £25.87
  • Woodlands: £103.48

The Total for the two trees is £1862.648

It has to be noted that under CAVAT the value would be considerably greater.

SUB TOTAL £8503.61

Three more values to consider which contain the largest.



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