Our Landscape – Lies, Lies and more Lies.

Landscapes are so complex, so diverse that it is probably impossible to ever fully understand them.

It is thus all too easy to fill in the huge gaps with spurious information and there is now an industry who do nothing more than this.

As we pass beyond the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere figure of 400ppm and continue to see huge losses of biodiversity it is all too obvious that what we are being told, what we are proffered as solutions have to be binned.

As a practitioner, along with most others, what is happening in our landscapes is all too apparent. Breakdowns are occurring and are accelerated by lies, downright nonsense. These lies have infiltrated into every possible funding channel towards the ‘environment’.

2 simple facts: 1 – to halt further CO2 emissions deforestation must end now and we must start planting trees. 2 – to reduce CO2 we must support engineers and land managers in finding a real method of sequestration, which will probably be below ground.

Biodiversity Offsetting, Biochar and a host of other ‘initiatives’ are all just crap.

As a Briton myself it is sad to have to accept the fact that the government of Britain is one of the most malfeasant on the planet with regards the environment – in allowing there to be a future for my child. (I cannot think in terms of grandchildren as the way things stand now). The coalition dismiss science, they have listened to and accepted the lies and unfortunately a significant proportion of the population of the UK have also. The environment has been and remains a playground for the very worst PR and we in land industry are culpable by way of allowing these numptys to get away with it.

The NGOs are as complicit as multinational companies – sitting around discussing bollocks like Biodiversity Offsetting as though it isn’t the complete crap that it is.

What is worse is that much of what is ‘on offer’ further removes both people and practitioners from any kind of process, helping to secure a future of continuous funding of bollocks by the taxpayer. At a time when climate change and biodiversity losses accelerates this is unforgivable.

A landscape approach, which lets be honest is the only route forward, has been hijacked by the likes of Nestlé, whose CEO believes that water ‘is not a basic human right’!!!

All discussion is instantly polarised by the media and which suits the two extremes; the ‘conservation’ NGOs (who make a lot of money from this, but don’t do an awful lot of conservation) and the large corporate lobbyists (who have made good friends across the political spectrum – THIS WAS NEVER POLITICAL & NEVER SHOULD BE).

Our children face a crap, uncertain, dangerous future. They do not deserve this. As parents, as guardians, as custodians of the land and landscape we have to stop the lies. We have to accept that we don’t know everything and that this is a good thing. We have to look back at historic, traditional techniques and rely on them whilst the innovative is fully tested.

Let’s start to fully trust those with soil under their fingertips, those in the labs and the engineers. When these people start talking to those who live in a landscape then we will see results, then we may actually have a future for our children.


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