It’s less about planting trees, more about saving trees

It is shocking how little ‘news’ there is about the extraordinary amount of deforestation there is going on now, right now, across the globe.

Is it worse than ever before? we don’t know – but its likely. We have simply failed to date to educate, to legislate, towards protecting what we absolutely have to if we give even the slightest damn about our children.

It is quite clear then that many really don’t care about their children’s futures.

The greed to accumulate wealth before it all runs out almost seems like a competition, one that far too many participate in, despite the obvious conclusion that nothing can be won.

As politicians follow this gameplay like lovestruck fans following any old airbrushed talentless teenager who can pitch a high note if he swallows enough helium, we are stupid to believe that any amount of lobbying will achieve anything. They will pick any route they can in encouraging an invitation for a free holiday to an oligarch’s private island to slaver over this wealth.

Far too many ‘tree planting’ schemes tie in with this. A means to offset, to re-landscape the wild as though it were a Slough industrial estate, despite the clear lack of knowledge needed to fully value our forests and trees and the biodiversity and cultural heritage attached to them. Whatever the promises made, signatures gathered etc., are in truth meaningless – nothing has changed, indeed it is worse. On site protestors, even in countries like Australia, fight with the threat of arrest – indeed for many the threat of death looming.

Can we as European foresters and other tree professionals, who know that we can provide the answers, continue to ignore the importance of the role we can play in fighting against deforesters – who threaten us financially and socially?

We foresters and arbs based in Europe should be leading the battle, helping – not silently cheering – those who face our foes on the ground. And in doing so empower our industry to where it should be – at the top of real sustainable development.


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One response to “It’s less about planting trees, more about saving trees

  1. No one listens, I am but one man and albeit a loud lone voice I know I am fighting a losing battle against Million pound donations by corporate lobby, and with a sheeple public who refuse to care.
    There is ONE hope, and for those that don’t know, some of us are going to change the world by playing THEIR game, CROWD FUND, lets get George galloway into Mayor of London 2016 and prove that Crowdfunding is the political future, true people power.

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