Tree by Tree by Tree

It is terribly sad that COP21 is unlikely to achieve anything at all, but not a surprise. Those who have been busy trying to persuade action on climate change have failed. The media have won. The more climate change and any other environmental issues are ‘promoted’ with increasing sums of money sourced from governmental or charity, the more the media will deliberately ignore or increasingly more often ridicule. The money wasted is extraordinary and it is little wonder that many philanthropists instead concentrate on sustainable engineering projects.

Much blame can and should be apportioned to the environmental lobby as instead of accepting failure they become even more elitist, attempting to fight power with a power they simply don’t and never will have.

So instead of inviting despair by turning on the TV to follow the ‘debate’ or worse still dipping into one of our national newspapers, try instead to concentrate on the good things, such as; the fact that engineers and practitioners are working around the clock globally to fix things and that some are really trying on the ground to fix things tree by tree by tree.


A weekend with Rob McBride, for example, helps tremendously. On a visit to Mouans Sartoux, a group of youth smoking a bong and pulling wheelies on scooters were approached by Rob to be photographed around a nearby Lime tree. As we walked away some of boys were still gathered around the tree discussing it.

This and many other local hero actions work. It stops working when an ego encroaches – the expert.

Much more attention should be focused on the sustainable industries that work and much attention on what we don’t know – because not only does this flummoxes media, it bypasses it in the main, which can only be a good thing these days. Trees are a great link as despite being the largest natural element in our landscapes and thus the most tangible link for the majority of the worlds population to the natural world that is so threatened and we know so little about them because so much money that could be used for research is pumped into environmental PR instead.

Thanks Rob, and all the other unsung heroes out there truly making a difference.








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2 responses to “Tree by Tree by Tree

  1. Ash

    I think I heard that over 40000 people were attending the Paris talks! How much does that cost 7 who pays?

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