Is the UK set to be the deforestation haven for the World?

A recent return visit to the UK proved to be deeply disturbing, the forthcoming referendum is, frankly, a nasty mess spreading out from under many sofas into the streets. The downright lies published as ‘facts’ one would have thought would be challengeable by legal channels – and the British public have been used, well really more abused in a campaign which is much more about the control of power for those in politics and the media. The nastiness and downright open rascism unleashed not just by the rhetoric of Farage but by Boris ‘Spode’ Johnson and the one who looks like Pob is just one element of how destructive to all, in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world this new England will bring to bear on us and particularly our children.

One thing for me that is of huge importance is deforestation. We are losing so many trees and forests worldwide that our doom is ascertained if it is to continue at the pace it has been. The importance of the worlds’ forests is to all, irrefutable. Yet far too little has been done.

However, in 2013, one of the most positive, whilst belated, steps towards curbing deforestation was taken when the European Union Timber Regulation became law in all EU member states.

The EUTR has proven to be not just a real barrier against the trade in illegal felling worldwide, but also a huge boost for most EU countries home industries, including the UK.

For the UK to simply dismiss this legislation for the sake of sticking two fingers up to Johnny foreigner is to also stick two fingers up at our children.

But then having heard some of vicious commentary I did in the UK, it does appear many ‘really don’t care’, which leads to a question that I don’t think I want to hear the answer to ‘What do you actually care about?’

And given Boris Johnson once stated ‘there is no tree in this country thats more than 200 years old’, the possibility of the UK becoming a safe haven for those involved in deforestation, helping to undermine all other efforts worldwide is very real and very scary.


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